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Change Your Money Mind – Original Article Written by Lynn Richardson for Global Grind

Are you ready to make this year the best year you’ve ever had financially?  Well, let’s get a jump on it before you spend all of your wealth on the holidays and understand this:  if you want to change your money, you must change your mind, because more money will never solve a money problem; if it could, millionaires wouldn’t go bankrupt!  Without proper knowledge, more money will simply make you more of what you already are:  more likely to keep trying to keep up with the Jones’ and/or more likely to create bigger bills and bigger problems.   Let me prove it to you:  have you ever gotten a raise, then found yourself with LESS money?   Well, if you get a raise and then you raise your expenses to go along with it, then you will never have more money to build wealth, you will simply have more bills and more financial bondage!  So the only way to accumulate more wealth is to spend less money WHILE you are earning more money.  My first suggestion is that you start living by the 10-10-30-50 rule (as shared in my first book, Living Check to Monday:  The Real Deal About Money, Credit, and Financial Security): 10% to give – 10 % to save – 30 % for incidentals – 50% for bills.

Step One

Whenever you get any income, tithe or give the first 10%.  This may seem difficult, especially when your money is funny and your change is strange, but giving is the first universal law to receiving abundance.  Plus, you always have enough to give:  if you have a dollar, give ten cents; if you have one hundred dollars, give ten; if you have one thousand dollars, then give one hundred.  Chances are that the money you give would have otherwise been spent on frivolous items, so when you make the choice to give intentionally and to give first, you will become more disciplined and focused in your money decisions.  Make a decision today to give, and watch how the world will give back to you.  Change your money mind by giving and remember that “to whom much is given, much is required.”

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