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Iyanla Vanzant’s Grind

Original Article Written by Lynn Richardson for Global Grind…

What do you say to people who want to make it big in this world but are not willing to do the grind?

Iyanla:  In today’s world you’re only noticed and recognized if you’re doing really really bad, or really really good.  So everybody wants to be a rap star, or an nba player, or a motivational speaker . . . that’s the big one now . . . but do they really understand what goes into it?  I mean people have to be willing to see, live it, taste it, want it, and be it, no matter what.  People want to be like Iyanla Vanzant . . . oh really ?  You wanna be raped at 9, go to work at 13, have your paycheck stolen, have to raise your son, go to school at night, have to work all day . . . you wanna live through nine years of domestic violence,  you wanna have to go back to college at 30, dragging your three babies with you, you wanna be talked about, spit upon, you wanna get on a plane 4 days a week and end up in a different city every night eatin’ chicken Caesar salads FOR FIFTEEN YEARS?  You wanna do that?  Go right ahead.    But keep yourself in check along the way.  The grind could be coming into the studio with eight 40’s and a pound of marijuana or the grind could be getting up at 5:30, doing your prayer, meditation, setting your intention, doing your journal, then allowing the universe to bring you that which you are requesting, in response to your faith . . . in response to your belief . . . in response to your accountability and responsibility.  We each have a responsibility for how we “be” in this world.  When I think of Russell Simmons or Steve Harvey, I don’t think about how much money they have, I think about their character.   Whenever I see Russell Simmons, he has on his t-shirt and jeans and he’s always clean.  So when I don’t want to do the evening gown or the monkey suit, I think about Russell Simmons, how he wears his t-shirt and jeans.   I heard Lil Wayne speak and he’s an intelligent young man.  And you know who I could just kiss right in their eyeball?   50 Cent!!  (warm laughter) . . . he has cleaned up his act . . . Oh my God.  I saw him the other day in a suit, and I didn’t even know who he was.  When it comes to doing the grind, I encourage each of us to look beyond the money and look at the character of the being.

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