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Yes You’re Approved!

The Real Deal About Getting a Mortgage and Buying a Home

Lynn once helped a lady with 4 bankruptcies and 2 foreclosures overcome her credit issues to buy a home and become financially stable.  This book includes EVERYTHING you want to know about getting approved for a mortgage: underwriting secrets Lynn learned and shares with everyone like how to get a mortgage one year after bankruptcy, the truth about reverse mortgages, what to do if your debt ratio is too high, and more!

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  1. HELP!!! Please! I’m over $80,000 in debt mostly student loans. I need help to get a plan to work on being debt-free.

    • Patricia Harris-hunt

      I am in need of a business miracle ,I owned a business photography and customize Apparel but ,I was trying to invest I have teen agers they father my ex husband try to keep calling cps ,and he owe big time child support I think I have a black cloud but I have plenty of ideas my finances is down I take care of grandson and 3.daughters now I pay child support my ex get away with alot I need a food lawyer ,cause I Been lied on by cps want to start a book,and more

  2. I am very interested in becoming debt free and obtaining a home. I would like additional information.

  3. Really great information, thanks for the share and insights! I will recommend this to my friends for sure.

  4. My son Tomasi Wainiqolo is looking to buy a house as first time home buyer. I would like to to help,am 63 year of age. Could you give advice please. Haven’t checked my fico score lately.

    Nola Wainiqolo

  5. Wanda Henderson-Jones

    Need your help, I will have to have open heart surgery for the 4th time. My aorta valve is leaking. I have been trying to get a loan for about $ 85,000 to pay off all my bills. I am on social security disability, but do private caregiver. My money to pay the debt is will be coming from my caregiving checks. No one will use that income. I have went to banks, credit unions, etc. Can you please talk with me.

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